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## Q&A
Q: How do I enable fireworks?
Q: How do I enable fireworks?<br>
A: Set `enableFireworks` in the config to "True" or "true".
Q: Your script skipped a post!
Q: Your script skipped a post!<br>
A: This script is designed with eventual consistency in mind. Run it again.
Q: Why MySQL?
Q: Why MySQL?<br>
A: Because I'm a masochist.
Q: I don't want to install MySQL...
Q: I don't want to install MySQL...<br>
A: If you're fine with Docker, follow these three steps... (you won't believe number 2!)
1. `$ docker run --detach --name=yeetsql --env="MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=yeetdelete" mysql`
2. `$ docker inspect yeetsql`
3. Find the "IPAddress" parameter. If installed Docker just for this, it's probably ``. That's the URL, shove that into `config.json`
Q: Something broke!
Q: Something broke!<br>
A: DM [zonk]( with the output of the script.
## Roadmap
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